About Walking My Own Walk

Why this Blog was Created

Early on in my career I realized how it important it was to not only "talk my talk" but to truly "walk my walk". If I was going to expect my own clients to step outside their own comfort zones, set and accomplish their own intentions, then I needed to be sure that I did the same!

If you have found your way here, most likely it was because you came via my coaching blog . Well, this blog is a spin-off and a means for me to share with YOU how I am putting into practice some of the things that I write about it and around.

Why this Blog is Moderated

This blog is open to anyone to share their comments, thoughts, insights, and questions...those are always welcomed and appreciated. Since this blog covers topics that may provoke very sensitive thoughts and feelings, I want to make sure that my readers have a safe place to share, a place that is free of judgment, hence the moderation.

When posting, please remember that you are responsible for your words. If you are posting in response to someone else's comments, please be respectful of their thoughts and feelings when doing so.

Also, please understand that posts which contain profanity, links to websites with adult content or that promote illegal activities will not be placed on the site.

Some Additional Important Info (You know the legalese stuff)

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Thank you so much for your care and consideration. Enjoy!!