Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ready for 2007

I am READY for 2007 (even though I still have just a little bit more cleaning and clearing to do)!! I had an amazing 40th birthday celebration which has helped 2006 come to a close on a very positive note! Now I am really ready to go BIG in 2007.

I will spend tonight quietly reflecting on all the things I am grateful for from the past year, going over my intentions for 2007, and readying myself for action. I am looking forward to the potentials that 2007 holds. This is going to be a big year, one that I am ready to embrace with open arms and an open heart.

May 2007 be a wonderful year for all of us. May we all manifest the greatest we deserve!!

Just a little side note: If you are interested in putting your intentions into action, sharing them with the universe, please join me on
January 6th (8:30am PT, 9:30am MT, 10:30am CT, 11:30am ET, 4;30pm GMT). Together we will make things happen in 2007!!


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tear Down and Rebuild

I am not going to lie and say that this past week has been a cakewalk, because frankly, it’s been a crap week energetically and emotionally. Not only have I been physically clearing out my space, (throwing old papers away, giving away clothes that no longer suit, etc.) I have given myself permission to feel whatever I need to feel in order to purge energetically and emotionally.

You see, I am a firm believer that in doing so you make more room for the good stuff. It’s just like cleaning out your closet…you remove the old stuff to make room for your new, cool stuff.

What’s funny, a dear friend of mine reminded me yesterday that I did say I wanted to prepare for my 40th in a big way. “Remember Pam…go big or go home!” I asked, I received, and now I’m going big…I’m feeling everything there is to feel regardless of how crappy.

As I am feeling things I am reminded of something I read in Gregg Braden’s book, The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy...(paraphrasing) often times before peace occurs there is destruction. So in these six days before my birthday here is to tearing down in order to rebuild in glorious splendor.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Vision Becomes Reality

I cannot begin to thank my best friend enough for lovingly donating his amazing talents. With his incredible ability, what was once (not too long ago) a has now become a reality.

(DSL, Cable, Hi-Speed Internet)


Thank you, Jon for everything…thank you for being you!!



Sunday, December 03, 2006

Preparing for and Embracing 40

At the end of this month I am turning the BIG 40 and I could not be more excited. First of all I vowed that I was going to have one AWESOME celebration to bring in my 40th year. (Check that one off the list, as FANTASTIC party plans are in the works.) Second and most important, I have known for some time that BIG, HUGE, AMAZING things are going to begin, manifest, and happen when I turn 40.
I know in my heart-of-hearts that my commitment and passion to help change this world one person at a time is going to continue, but at greater intensity. In order to continue doing what I love in a more powerful way, I have to clear some space…do some major work on me.  That is just what I have been doing over the last few months; facing fears, getting clear on my intentions, removing things from my life that no longer serve (or never did). It has not been easy and to be honest, I have been an exposed nerve at times, but I know all the work is going to be worth it.
I am ready to take things to the next level, to really step into who I am and what I do with even more integrity and passion than before.
Here are just some of the intentions I am going to accomplish this fine year…
1)      To have 20 amazing, loving clients in my practice (at all times) with a waiting list of 10; supporting them in making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.
2)      To give my first empowerment workshop so that others can create the lives they desire and deserve.
3)      To have a regular column in a newspaper or magazine to support others in reaching their fullest potential.
This year is about empowerment and making a difference! Won’t you join me?