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    Dale to Marloes

    It was a beautiful sunny cool start to the day. While planning, I had estimated to finish the Dale peninsula hike much later than I did and had planned to make today a short hiking day and spend the night at Marloes.

    So, as planned I started on the PCP at 9:30 am.

    This section is a moderate hike with plenty of ups and steps and I took it at a leisurely pace.

    WestDale Bay with Dale peninsula looked different in the sunlight. Most of the ups on this stretch looked steep even from far giving me time to change my pace and prepare for them.

    And then the wildflowers made an appearance adding beautiful color to the scenery.

    Here the trail was completely covered with grass rather than wildflowers.

    The cooler weather was perfect for hiking and the few clouds occasionally blocking the sun made the scenery look amazing.

    The last few photos above are all of the same section of the trail. You can see how much variations just this single section of the trail has.

    And then the trail just goes straight and it became a very pleasant walk.

    The trail goes by the Skomer ferry area. There were a lot of people strolling around here and a lot more people waiting in line for the toilets. The steps in the below photo lead you back to the PCP.

    From this point on, it is fairly easy hiking until you get to Marloes.

    Marloes Sand - The approach to Marloes is a bit of a walk from the walk next to fields and then you make a left on the road and a short walk away is Marloes.

    Today was the first day where the weather started out sunny and stayed that way for the entire day. The highlight definitely was the wonderful weather which made it a refreshing hike..more like a good long walk….I could do hikes like these every day!!!!

    I made it to Marloes by 1 pm. It felt like a waste of half a day. Next time around, I would make this a longer hiking day by starting early from Dale and getting to Marloes Sand before 11 am and then continuing on to Broad Haven.

    It was pizza for dinner and it was freshly made while I waited in a lovely little vegetable garden. It tasted sooooo good.

    The temperature started to drop in the evening so having an early dinner and early to bed was a very satisfying way to end today.

    There was also a bit of erosion in this section with clear warning signs asking hikers to stay away from the cliff.

    Taking it slow today gave me time to stop for a bit and enjoy the flowers.

    The wildlife on the trail.