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    Fishguard to Newport

    I woke up in central Fishguard to sunny clear skies and good hiking weather.

    To get to the PCP from upper Fishguard you have to go through Lower Fishguard which is via a steep downhill road.

    There is one place where it was not clear as to which way to go….the bottom photo in the right corner. You have to go through what looks like a side yard and up the steps and go left on the road and you will soon see the acorn symbol again. You have to pass Castle point to get to the familiar PCP trail.

    Closer to the water it was the domain of the sea mist. Today, it was different as it was constantly in flux… would be so thick that you could barely make out shapes and then it would clear within minutes and you could make out the outline of the cliffs and see the trail snaking ahead. I was happy I was able to see the trail clearly and decided to go with the flow and have fun.

    It was a good time to let my imagination roam free with the ghostly outlines around...a new 8 legged species probably.

    It was pretty spectacular to see everything around lush and green with the wild flowers adding warm colors…worth slowing down the pace to enjoy.

    There are sections on today's trail, where the trail is a straight line....beautiful.

    The barbed wire fence in certain sections is the only thing between the trail and the sea below.

    There are just a few stretches of the trail that have no views to sea even though was nice to look at, I could not wait to get out of these stretches to see the sea again.

    The approach to Aber Bach.

    While it was tempting to sit for a while at Aber Bach, I decided to move on as I was eager to hike Dinas Head which was still quite a distance away.

    The trail zigzagging ahead. Below photos are an example of how the trail looks from far and how it looks up close.

    They do their best to keep you on the trail.

    Pwllgwaelod - I got to Pwllgwaelod by 11:30 am. While having lunch, I thought of skipping the 5 miles of Dinas Head as the sea mist was still hiding the views.

    I decided to go ahead as planned as it was something I had been looking forward to and left the sea mist issue to the Universe. It so happens I was heard, as the sea mist started to clear 10 min after I started on Dinas Head trail. Thank you.

    The very start of Dinas Head trail is the only bit that will test your legs. After that, it is an easy trail with views that will WOW you.

    First 10 min of the Dinas Head hike where the sea mist would just touch the trail before retreating.

    The second half of the Dinas Head trail is on the very edge of the cliff. It was breathtaking to look at the narrow trail so clearly visible ahead and behind me.

    The bird the water or in the sky?? It was a party of a different kind and one worth stopping to listen to and enjoy.

    There was a small waterfall right on the trail.

    Dinas Head trail is one of my favorites and is a must do. You have to take the time to enjoy hiking it.

    Getting back on the trail to Newport was confusing as the only confusing coast path sign is here. To get back on the PCP, you have to take the first left past the church ruins…the confusing coast path sign is in front of it. The map was not clear either but keeping with – keep the sea to the left, I continued on the road and sure enough came across the acorn symbol.

    It was just past 1:30 pm when I was back on the trail and it was hot, hot, hot and no sea mist any where around. The only goal now was to get to Newport and get out of the heat.

    Dinas head from the trail to Newport.

    Mercifully the approach to Newport is on a straight long road. The locals were out enjoying the sun and picnicking while I speed walked the 0.5 miles to get to the hotel.

    Today was the longest hiking day of the trip that lasted from 9 am to 4 pm. I missed a good full English breakfast and was glad that I had packed a good lunch and lots of snacks.

    I took a lot more breaks today and was very happy to have cold water with me…placed the water bottles in the freezer first thing in the morning….it made a huge difference to quench the thirst later on in the day.

    Today’s favorite was Dinas Head trail and I was glad that the sea mist was a no show in this section.

    On a not so good weather day or when it is hot, add an extra hour to the hiking time as it is very much needed.

    I met quite a few people on the trail early in the am. All of them were rushing unsure as to how the weather will be later on in the day. Dinas Head is a popular spot and there were lots of day hikers here.

    After a long soak in the bath tub, I had dinner at the hotel restaurant as I did not want to put any more miles on my legs and also because the restaurant had good ratings.

    I had the Gammon steak with a salad. It was a huge meal and to the great amusement of the couple sitting next to me…eating salad…I ate every bit of it. They wondered where I was putting it and I wondered if I would be hungry for a full English breakfast tomorrow.

    I went to bed thankful for todays good weather and prayers for more of the same for tomorrow.

    I did not wear gators today and the bottom of the trousers and the shoes stayed wet until I reached Pwllgwaelod. The wet bit of the trousers felt heavy and I had to squeeze the water out...good idea to wear gators when the trail is surrounded by vegetation.

    Finding the acorn symbol in Fishguard was a bit of searching game as 1) the acorn is small 2) it is on the traffic sign posts. Once I saw the pattern, I knew where to look. These are needed to guide you as it is a bit of a walk to get to the PCP.