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    Freshwater East to Bosherston

    I woke up to the sound of rain on the window pane and when I went in for breakfast, I saw this saying. It had slowed down to a drizzle by then but I was hoping that it would stop raining. My prayers were answered and 50 min later when I left the B&B the sun was out and it had started to warm up. Surprisingly there was no evidence of the rain on the trail itself. So, I did do a little jig at the start of the trail…you have to dance when the going is good.

    Below is a look back on Freshwater East beach from the start of the trail.

    Today’s hike was an introduction to the relentless ups that the PCP is known for. Today it was small sections of gradual uphill – 40 to 60 steps – followed by flat trail and then another small uphill followed by flat trail and so on.

    The key was to slow down the pace before the ups and to pick up the pace on the even sections of the trail. When I tackled the ups at the same pace, I felt them in my ankles and my legs were getting tired sooner.

    The coast path it seems, does not like the hiker to settle in to a pace. I liked it…as the scenery was easy on the eyes and the slower pace meant more time to look at it while I kept moving.

    These cows had the best view in this peaceful meadow.

    The highlight of today's hike was Stackpole. I got here by 10:15 am and it was already hot. There were a lot of day hikers here enjoying the beautiful day. It is a easy stroll along the coast path here. Barafundle bay from the coast path was a sight to behold.

    Barafundle bay - The beach is beautiful and at 11 am it was hot and uncomfortable to spend much time here as there is no shade any where around here.


    Castlemartin range was closed and the only accommodation available was at Bosherston. The approach to Bosherston is via the ponds on a very sandy trail which was tiring to walk in the heat.

    I took the trail on the right to walk around the Lily ponds. This route had few ups and downs but the walk felt tedious in the heat…it was only 11:40 am. Next time around I would try the trail along the left side of the pond as it looked flatter and seemed to have a bit more shade.

    There were only a handful of lilies as it was still early in the season....a hint to how beautiful the pond can be in season.

    I wanted to visit the St.Govans Chapel and waited till later on in the afternoon when it was just a tad bit less hot to do so as the road leading to St.Govans was open and mere steps away from the inn. There is a board at its entrance which lets you know if it is open or not but check the opening times as these vary.

    It was bluebells season at St.Govans.

    You can see the chapel from the viewing a tiny white blob because of the sunlight reflecting off of the roof....and you can tell how precariously it is situated.

    The access to the St.Govan's chapel is right opposite the car park via a short path. The railing is handy as the stairs are steep and can get slippery. It was cool inside the chapel and peaceful to rest for a bit.

    The scenery along the PCP today, was wide open areas on one side and the wide expanse of sea on the other side.

    It was a bright sunny day and while everything looked beautiful, it was also very hot by 9:30 am even thought there was a breeze. Don’t underestimate the sun and the heat on the PCP, it can get to you fast.

    Even though it was the first day of the relentless up's and down's, it still was a wonderful hike and I enjoyed it very much.

    Dinner was this huge portion of a local Welsh dish - Cawl - which was yummy to the last bite. It was a very satisfying way to end the day.