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    Itinerary and Planning for Pembrokeshire Coast Path

    Wales Trip Itinerary

    Day 1-2 Cardiff

    Day 3-5 Tenby

    HD1 {Hiking Day} Tenby to Freshwater East

    HD2 Freshwater East to Bosherston

    HD3 Freshwater West to Angle and Angle Peninsula

    HD4 Sandy Haven

    HD5 Sandy Haven to Dale

    HD6 Dale to Marloes and Dale Peninsula

    HD7 Marloes to Broad Haven

    HD8 Broad Haven to Solva

    HD9 Solva to St David’s

    HD10 Ramsey Island

    HD11 St David’s to Whitesands Bay

    HD12 Whitesands Bay to Trefin

    HD13 Trefin to Pwll Deri

    HD14 Pwll Deri to Fishguard

    HD15 Fishguard to Newport and Dinas Head

    HD16 Newport to Moylegrove

    HD17 Moylegrove to St Dogmaels

    Day 23 Bristol

    Planning the trip

    “Pembrokeshire coast path by Jim Manthorpe and Daniel McCrohan” is the guide book that made this trip possible for me. I read this book from start to end and looked through the 96 detailed large scale maps before making the decision to hike the PCP solo.

    The book helped me make the following decisions

    • The description and maps provide specific details of the trail - ups and downs / where the trail is very close to the cliff edge / the sections that are very remote / facilities available / accommodations etc. Based on this I choose to hike from Tenby - St.Dogmeals [south to north] giving me time to adjust to the trail before getting to the most strenuous northern section of the trail.

    • 16 days seemed like sufficient number of days to hike the PCP as I wanted to spend 5-7 hrs a day hiking and stay in accommodations closer to the PCP.

    • The maps have minimum and maximum times between sections along the trail. I took the books suggestion and calculated additional time by adding 20% to the maximum times as I wanted time for breaks and to stop and enjoy the scenery.

    • I decided to skip the 30 miles or so between Angle and St Ishmaels as the scenery along this stretch is not the amazing sea views as the PCP is known for.

    The book has all the information you will need to book accommodations. I booked the rooms 6 months before the trip as there are limited accommodations along the PCP and my trip coincided with the bank holiday weekend as well. I made the reservations both online and directly with the B&B’s and managed to secure rooms in the places I wanted to stay and within my budget.

    One of the best features of the book is that it has the phone#s, website info, places to eat, bus stops/numbers and other key information related to facilities along the coast path. It also has enlarged maps on the 47 towns and villages along the way.

    While I did have a international SIM card for emergencies, I did not have a data plan for the phone because I had the book.

    This book helped me visualize the hiking trail and plan for the daily hikes giving me the confidence to go on my first solo hike. A huge Thank You to the authors for doing such a fantastic job with the maps, trial information and the details on the facilities along the way.

    Others who helped me during the planning phase

    B&B’s: It is quite a task to book 16 seperate accommodations in a particular order while you are in a different time zone. It is because of the prompt thorough responses from the B&B's that I reached out directly to, that I managed to get the bookings in the order of my itinerary. I received emails from all of them prior to the arrival date with directions and requests on diet requirements and they were all very accommodating with my luggage transfer arrangement.

    Luggage Transfers Ltd: I used this company to transfer my one piece of luggage and was impressed with their prompt and thorough email responses. It was very helpful that they called the accommodations to let them know the pick-up and drop-off time. The luggage was always there at the destination when I arrived; as early as 10:30 am!!! They even helped me find a B&B close to Angle. They are professional and thorough and I had no worries about my luggage.

    Tenby tourist information center: They helped me with bus numbers and schedules. They also provided me with additional helpful information without being asked. I visited the Tenby office and they are just as helpful and patient in person. They take their time helping each customer so you do not feel rushed. They have an excellent level of service.

    A huge Thank you to all of them as they made the planning of this trip a easy and memorable experience for me.

    Self preparation

    I knew I had to get myself in to better shape in order to hike this trail. On my past hiking trips, I have experienced pain on the side of my left knee while hiking downhill….it usually starts on the first downhill and stays for the entire trip. I knew the only way of avoiding this was putting myself on a exercise schedule. I started by getting a 2 month gym membership in Feb.

    The goal at the gym was very simple and yet required a lot of work….stairs, treadmill on incline and walking. I kept a detailed log of what I did and used every successful day as a motivation for the next day. It was 4-5 days of gym and a day of yoga.

    I spent 7 weeks preparing for this trip. Every bit of it was important and helped when I was on the PCP.

    There are 2 things that are important to have a good hiking experience

    1. Your preparation - exercising, having the right gear, taking the right snacks.

    2. Weather.

    I had done my work and was as ready as I could be for hiking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.