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    Lower Solva to St Davids

    I left Lower Solva at 7:30 am to a bright sunny and warm day. The goal was to get to St Davids by 10 am to attend a concert at the Cathedral music festival.

    The start from Lower Solva is a casual walk to the PCP.

    This coast path sign at the start of the trail was colorfully wrapped making it the best dressed sign of the PCP.

    In this section, you will find the acorn symbol to lead you to the PCP.

    Upper Solva from the trail.

    The views are beautiful as the trail runs along the cliff edge. also the cliff erosion is very evident here. Stay away from the cliff edge and stay safe.

    The hike started of very pleasant and since I was very early on the trail, I had it to myself. The trail goes low but that does not mean it is flat. It is still a good workout.

    I got to see the 4th set of wild ponies on the PCP. They were enjoying their breakfast and not one of them looked up as I walked by missing a full English breakfast today.

    I had just finished hiking my way up a few uphills and a downhill and was slightly out of breath when 2 joggers came up the trail. I said hello to them and they slowed down their pace and asked me if I was doing ok. I nodded my head as I was lost for words….they were not even out of breath. Having a good breakfast is essential for a good start on PCP.

    Caerfai Bay - The colorful stones in the bay added color to the surroundings and were wonderful to look at.

    The approach to St Davids is mercifully not on a very steep uphill road. There was no traffic and it was a fairly easy walk.

    This is a easy stretch of hiking in the PCP sense…you will still have the steep ups but not too many….which I was thankful for as all I had for breakfast was a protein bar with all the promises of making it to St Davids early.

    I made the visitors center my first stop as I wanted to make a donation to the PCP association. I was impressed with how well sign marked the PCP is. I found the acorn symbol all along the trail and especially at decision making points which enabled me to comfortably hike without constantly looking at the maps….this is one of the reason the PCP is my favorite hiking trail and I wanted to show my appreciation.

    The 2nd stop was the Cathedral where at 11 am, I wanted to attend the Cathedral Choral Scholars concert which was part of a 2 day music festival. The ticket booth was not open for the day so I walked in to the cathedral and they were selling the tickets right at the entrance to the concert area. I had made it with 10 min to spare and was the only one dressed for hiking while everyone else were dressed for the concert. My appearance was a conversation starter with people seated next to me and they were kind to share the concert program.

    It was a lovely concert and in the small space [maybe seating 40 people], the voices sounded amazing.

    After the concert, my stomach told me in no uncertain terms that it needed to be fed so I headed for one of the ice cream stores that was close to the cathedral. I got a double scoop ice cream that turned out to be lunch as well.

    Dinner tonight was Ploughmans salad it was yummy even though the pie was cold.The yummy dinner allowed me to have a good nights rest which was very much needed as the next day was going to be a early start.