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    Marloes to Broad Haven

    Yesterday’s magic of a beautiful sunny start to the day seemed to have worn out as I woke up to rain very early in the morning. I did what I have learnt to do on this trip…ignore it and go back to sleep.

    I opted for a packed lunch instead of breakfast and the earliest I could get this was at 7:45 am but by 7:00 am I was feeling hungry, so the 2 leftover slices of pizza from yesterday’s dinner became my first breakfast for the day…the pizza was still yummy and it turned out to be a very good start of the day.

    The clouds started to disperse when I left the inn and 0.5 mil and 15 min later, I was at the start of the PCP, the sun was out and my legs were nicely warmed up for the hike.

    Right from the start, there were wildflowers all along the trail.

    Today is the first day when I had the chance to see wild ponies. They were relaxing and enjoying the morning as I walked by. The trail in this section is a easy walk on even ground that runs right next to a wall.

    I made it to St Brides Haven by 9:30 am and it was a welcoming site as it has 2 picnic benches and toilets. It had gotten windy and the clouds started rolling in so after a quick 10 min break I was back on the PCP.

    The toilets here are in a building next to the church…there are recycle bins here as well. The coast path continues straight through the car park in front of the church. I had to look for the coast path sign as it was blocked by a car.

    There were plenty of opportunities today to look back and see the coast and the trail hiked.

    Spots like the one below can be wet to cross during high tide. When I got there the tide was well out and it was a good spot to take a break.

    It was warm and windy and had started to rain just past Brandy Bay and did not stop until past Borough head. The camera got put away during the rain as while the hiking is easy, the trail gets muddy and it does run close to the cliff edge…safety first.

    Even though it got very sunny and hot after the rain, I had to wear the rain gear until I got closer to Broad Haven as the vegetation along the trail was very damp.

    The forest seemed enclosed after the time spent in the open with rain and wind. There was no evidence of rain here. Since Broad Haven was still a bit of a hike away I slowed down the pace and enjoyed the blue bells.

    The last bit of the approach to Broad Haven has its set of steep prepared as these do give your legs quite a workout.

    The approach to Broad Haven is via these roads. While I was not surprised, I still asked a lady who was gardening if THIS was the road I had to take. I could have gone along the beach but that seemed like a longer walk and the sand was wet after the rain. Walking along the road meant dodging the heavy traffic as it was the Bank holiday weekend but the drivers slowed down for walkers.

    Today’s hike starts out easy but the PCP gives you plenty of reminders that you are on a hike by sprinkling enough of those ups after the mid way point. This is the first section I hiked in rain and wind and it helped me understand what it takes to hike the PCP in such weather.

    I felt uncomfortable wearing sun glasses when it got cloudy as the tint of the glasses made it seem gloomier than it was. I switched to clear glasses to protect my eyes from the wind and felt much better.

    Today’s highlight was that I did not meet another person on or off the trail until I reached Little Haven. In the last 6 days, I had gotten used to being on the trail alone 90% of the time but not seeing another human for the entire hike was still eerie. I also noticed today that my legs had gotten used to the trail and I was able to comfortably hike this entire stretch at a medium pace . Hurray!!!!!

    I was at the B&B by 1 pm and an hour later the sun was out in full force and it got very hot and humid. The B&B was right opposite the beach and I spent the time in the sitting room enjoying the view with a book, local beer and a slice of freshly baked almond cake with ice cream.

    I woke up at 2 am feeling cold as I had left the window open to let the sea breeze in and the temperature had dropped to the 30's. It was bright outside as it was a full moon night. I grabbed my camera and took this one photo before I went back to sleep. The view was spectacular and I could have sat up looking at the moon, however tomorrows hike is a long and strenuous one and a good nights rest was very important to enjoy it.