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    Ramsey Island

    I had planned to spend the day hiking on Ramsey island and got to the pick up point early, which was a good thing as the van to the ferry was filled to capacity.

    At the ferry area, there is a person to check you in before getting in to the ferry.

    You walk down a ramp to access the ferry and are told to hold on to the railing as the ramp can get slippery. It was a bright sunny start and a short comfortable ride to the island.

    The ferry is greeted by one of the island team member on duty after which you are taken to the visitors center. We were given a 30 min orientation of the trails and phone numbers to contact in case of emergency.

    The above photos is of the visitor center...there a few picnic benches on the left side.

    I started off on the north trail leaving the south trail for later on in the day.

    There are signs only at the start of the trail to keep you on the correct path.

    It was bluebell time on Ramsey...the blue haze in the second photo are bluebells.

    Just outside the gate for Carn Ysgubor, there are rabbit holes. The rabbits are very skittish so it is important to keep very quiet if you want to enjoy their company.

    In the 30 min we spent in the orientation, the sea mist started rolling in and the temperature dropped. The sea mist hid the views out to sea which meant we only got to see and enjoy what was on the island.

    You can see the ghost of a outline of the light house on the left blob in the sea.

    The bluebells added some much needed color and made even the gloomy day feel cheerful.

    I picked a comfortable spot for a picnic and noticed this bird hovering over the area chirping away. It took me few minuted to realize that the bird had a nest with chicks in a opening among the rocks. It was feeding time and the bird was not happy to find me so close to its home. I moved my picnic spot, the bird calmed down and the chicks got fed and I enjoyed my lunch as well.

    The trail heads through a small rocky hill...making this the only not-so-comfortable bit of the trail...and comes out on the other side as a easy walking path marked with cairns (white pile of stones in the second photo below).

    There was a small section of the island where the trail goes through a meadow of wildflowers and there is not a single bluebell around....follow the cairns and enjoy the flowers.

    There was a sense of middle earth on and around the island....even a miniature hobbit home.

    This forecast stone is outside the toilets which are close to the visitor center . The stone was wet by the end of the day indicating rain. Even though it had not rained, all that sea mist resulted in sufficient moisture in the air for the stone to get wet.

    There were some white bluebells called Spanish bluebells sprinkled among the bluebells.

    At the visitors center they have a list of wildlife spotted on the island. All I got to see were the resident chickens and a black rabbit near the visitors center.

    It was a day of light breakfast and lunch so dinner had to be big meal. I had vegetable lasagna with a garlic bread and salad. It was every bit yummy....the salad and garlic bread got packed away for tomorrow's lunch.

    The trip to Ramsey island was a very pleasant outing and it was relaxing. While there was sea mist on the island, it had been raining in St Davids and I was lucky to have avoided that rain. After a bit of grocery shopping to stock up on some breakfast items, I called it a early night as tomorrow's hike was classified as strenuous and I was looking forward to it.