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    Sandy Haven to St Ishmaels

    I got a ride from Angle to Sandy Haven as the guide book said that the scenery along these 30 miles was passable. Which worked out well as it had started to drizzle on the ride to Sandy Haven.

    In order to save time on tomorrow's hike, I decided to hike the coast path from Sandy Haven to St Ishmael today.

    It was still gloomy which made even the late 11 am start pleasant. The PCP starts of through an wooded area that has a few ups and downs and a lot of wild flowers.

    Lindsway Bay – The steps are wide enough to navigate easily but they are a bit steep as you get closer to the beach. I had this beach all to myself and spent some time sitting on the steps taking in the view and listening to the waves. This was the first time I felt a stillness and quite in the nature around me…even with the waves just steps away.

    The walking path above to St Ishmael’s leads you to a children’s play ground right next to which are the toilets….about 3/4 mile walk.

    There are several benches in this particular section and most of them are facing good views.

    Staying with my goal for this trip: no view-no hike helped me enjoy today and make it a partial rest day.

    The scenery on this section to St Ishmaels is good however the wildflowers were the real treat today. It took me 3 hours for the round trip which included me walking the stretch in to St Ishmaels and a 30 min break.

    I spent the afternoon in the B&B garden downloading photos, enjoying cups of tea and reading up for the next few days of hiking.

    I had had a light breakfast and had skipped lunch. By the time I got dropped off at St Ishmael’s inn for dinner at 6:10 pm, I was ready for a good meal. The Madras beef curry was surprisingly flavorful and I got to have dinner with a couple from England who were on a road trip. Good food and pleasant conversation was a nice end to a relaxing day.

    That key chain came with the room key!!! The clouds did open up in the night so sent up prayers for good weather for tomorrow's hike before calling it a night.