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    St Davids to Whitesands Bay

    It was a cool sunny start to the day at the start of the walk from St Davids at 8:15 am. The home owner of the house where I stayed for two nights decided to walk with me along with his 2 dogs along the walking path.

    The weather was very different at the PCP...the sun was a no show, it was much cooler and there was a dense sea mist.

    Coast path sign against a background of dense sea mist.

    The dogs had no fear getting close to the edge and looking over the edge. They were also very happy to lead the way on the hike.

    These yellow wildflowers looked much brighter against the dark green grass and were a welcoming site on this gloomy morning.

    There were morning walkers with their dogs around Porthclais. The benches here make it a good spot for a break.

    As I parted ways with my company just before Porthclais, he checked to see that I had food, water and was prepared for the strenuous hike ahead and wished me all the best. It was nice to have a kind local do a check on my hiking essentials as if the locals say it is strenuous....then you better believe them.

    I heard booming noises and was told that it is the sound of waves crashing in to the caves and coves below. Very interesting....this is PCP music at its best.

    The trail gets strenuous from Porthclais on. St Justinian’s is only 2 miles away via car but it is 6 1/2 miles via the trail….the trail takes you that much further out along the coast.

    At Porthlysgi Bay, it was too tempting to take a break as this little beach was very inviting with no one around. It was comfortable to sit and enjoy the sound of the waves as the temperature started to slowly warm up.

    The trail is very rocky and gravelly in this section and I took it slow as it was important to watch my footing to keep my knees and legs safe. You have to pay special attention as the rocks are smooth and a bit slippery.

    It looked like this rocky bit was bit too much as hikers started to walk on the side expanding the trail. This is not good as this causes more trail erosion.

    The trail is broad enough that you can walk both the ups and the downs in a zigzag pattern...sort of my own switchbacks. This made it a bit easier to tackle the steep sections of the trail.

    With the sea mist blocking the views, there was no distraction while hiking the plethora of steep uphills that this stretch has.

    And just when you think, you have had enough with the rocky gravelly trail, it runs straight for a while giving your feet a much needed break.

    Ramsey island ferry station from the trail. It was a 10 min van ride it took more than 2 hours to get here.

    Past this point, the trail gets very narrow and starts to really hug the cliff edge at times. The grass on the side may give the impression that there is more ground than there actually is. Watch your step and stay focused.

    You will find holes like this on or close to the trail. This was just slightly bigger than my shoe. It is things like this that can catch you unawares...even in good weather...and cause injuries when you are not paying attention.

    And then I came across this section full of wildflowers which added some much needed color to the bright green color of the grass which was much more vivid today than during sunny days.

    Seeing Whitesands Bay was a relief. The beach looked really good even with the sea mist however everyone was in the cafe enjoying ice cream and waiting for the sea mist to retreat.

    I did not know when I was having a lovely breakfast with home made marmalade, that today was going to be — what a day, what a hike. This was the only day where the sea mist did not let up for the entire stretch and I hiked even though there were no views.

    While the trail itself was clearly visible, all the views out to sea were just ghostly outlines. I still enjoyed this hike very much as there was no rain and the cooler to warm temperature made the strenuous trail actually fun.

    Today’s highlight was the constant sound of the waves that kept me company along with the booming sounds as the waves crashed in to the coves below.

    I stayed at the YHA St Davids in Whitesands Bay which is a little over a mile away from the PCP and…no surprise…the first road is steep but after that it is a easy walk. As I was walking to the YHA at 1:30 pm, the sun came out in full force and I could feel the temperature go up…up..up. Within the hour, it was hot and humid and I was very happy to be indoors.

    I was told during check-in that there was a yellow weather warning for that area for 24 hrs starting later on in the evening. It was good to be aware even though it was not a welcoming news.

    I ended the day with an early dinner of baked potato with veggies and a prayer for good weather tomorrow as tomorrow was supposed to be another strenuous stretch of beautiful hiking.

    I came up on this bird on the just stood there doing nothing and I stood there not wanting to disturb it. After a couple of minutes, it decided that it was time to move on and so did I.