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    I woke up at 4 am to rain. When I looked out all I saw was grey...there was a dense sea mist right outside the window. I did what I learnt to do on the coast path…and went back to sleep.

    At 7:30 am, the sea mist was so thick that the visibility was less than 20 feet and it was drizzling. While I waited for the weather to improve, I looked at the bus schedule and noticed that there was a bus going to St Davids a little after 8 am. It was a decision made in 4 secs….I was going to take the bus to St Davids and then to Trefin. When the sea mist cleared up later on in the day, I was going to hike the trail from Trefin towards Whitesands Bay.

    The first photo is the area outside the cafe at Whitesands Bay where the bus stop is. The trail heading to Trefin is in front of the cafe.

    The buses have the route on top making it easy to get on the right bus.

    It started to rain while I was waiting for the bus in St Davids and 1 hr 15 min later, I was in Trefin and it was still raining.

    The rain finally stopped at 12:30 pm and it was time for a hike with the goal of returning back to Trefin by 4 pm to pick up packed meals for the next day.

    The start of the PCP towards Abereiddy is overgrown with wildflowers and after just 2 min of walking, the gators and shoes were wet.

    The sea mist hung heavy along the coast and it was surprisingly warm and humid making everything around damp. The trail did not look like fun with the obscured view and I was happy to hike with a group of 4 who were headed to Porthgain for lunch.

    Even though the wildflowers looked dull today, they were still a welcoming sight.

    The sea mist seemed to advance and retreat within minutes. It is interesting to compare the photos taken of the same area during the round trip. Where possible I am going to show both the photos together.

    Porthgain – There was just one local sitting outside on a bench when I got here. The few people who were there, were in the one restaurant that was open for lunch.

    You can walk up to the white towers and take photos of the spectacular views and there is one a bench to sit and enjoy it. Today, it was an opportunity to use your imagination and make what you wanted out of the ghostly outlines out in the water.

    Traeth-Llywn. It was a beautiful site to look at in spite of the was eerie to listen to the non-stop rhythmic sound of the waves here.

    Abereiddy – I was kind of hoping that the ice cream truck would be here. Nope!! There was a group preparing to go kayaking…suppose that is what they were all looking forward to today and they were not going to let the heavy sea mist stop them.

    I only spent about 10 min beyond Abereiddy before turning back as the sea mist seemed to get thicker and it looked like the rain clouds were also coming back.

    Blue Lagoon before and Blue Lagoon on my way back. There were people…diving in and enjoying the could hear the echo of their voices.

    And just like that, the sea mist slowly started to retreat and the scenery around started to open up and everything started looking a bit better.

    This is the only steep bit of the section between Trefin and Abereiddy. It was enough for today as the rocks were slippery and you needed hiking poles to get through it safely.

    The approach road to Trefin is very steep.

    What a day!!!! I was happy that I stuck to my goal for PCP – no views, no hike.

    I spent 4 hrs on the trail today and even though the section I hiked was easy, the rocky and grassy sections were slippery and the lack of scenery made it no fun.

    The sea mist was a real bummer. According to the forecast, it was supposed to be sunny after 3 pm. But it remained cloudy and it drizzled on and off.

    I got back in to the village just before the cafe closed and picked up meals for the next day and half. PwllDeri is the next destination and there are no facilities on the way or near the YHA. I stocked up on sandwiches and fruit for 2 lunches, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast.

    Dinner tonight was a deconstructed vegetarian pie. Even though the pie crust…the best part of any pie… was missing, the filling and the salad made up for it and it turned out to be a yummy meal. I went to bed with a happy satisfied tummy.

    I put a tiny ultimatum in my prayer tonight — there was a need for good weather tomorrow. Please. Please. Please.

    I woke up in the middle of the night and looked out of the window and all I saw was this one neon sign on the right side. There are no street lights here and it was pitch black on the left side of the window.